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Packing out Cold

Hey y'all! I feel like I need to write today without any topic of whatever. Random stuff? Yes, random. I hope my domain name is working well. I HOPE YOU PASS BY THIS BLOG TO TEST IT. Anyway, if in case please inform me so that I can contact the registrar and get my money back. I know it's cheap purchase, but still, that's money! I worked hard for that money. And getting my own domain name is one of my dreams. So there. Now, I have some quick updates I would like to share. Let's do this then! START!


I finally purchased a domain for this blog of mine earlier! If you check your address bar, you should see my new domain name- MY DOMAIN NAME. Ahh it feels awesome, after years of trying to search for a cheap domain registrar, I was able to got one from Namecheap!

At the moment there are some links that are not working, and most likely this is because of the provisioning time for the update. But boy, just after saving the settings, I was able to access the main page using the domain in less than 3 minutes! I was expecting that it can take up to 2 days- as per the discussions and forums that checked. Anyway, I'm glad that at least the main page can now be accessed.

I can keep this domain for a year at a fairly decent price, If I decide to renew, we will see. I have 12 months to use this anyway!

Review: Fingering

So I stumbled upon a Thai news site about an article condemning a lesbian movie for its 'provocative sexual scenes'. Immediately, I watched the movie (thanks to the kind uploader who shared it on YouTube) and to give my two cents, I could say that it became controversial in Thailand not because of the scenes, but the title itself. Here's a short review.

Produced by Queer Movie Production Club (QMPC) and StudioFun, online movie Fingering already caused a stir in the Thailand LGBT community the day it's teaser released. But then as I had mentioned earlier, only the title made it notorious.

The film focuses on the sexual lives of 2 lesbian couples. First couple, Chaeng (Annindy Ann) not being able to satisfy her partner Mi (Sununta Dewa). The other couple, Tang (Patchpicha Termpreeda) feels that her partner Mean (Potjanee Seeviriyakul) only wants to have fun with her in bed. As the story goes their relationship went on the rocks but after realizing their mistakes and lear…

Out of Town

So yeah, last January 7th, I went to Baguio for a short trip with Yona. My goal for the trip is to visit my father and sister, plus relax and visit some of the city's tourist spots. For about 3 day and 2 nights, we were able to go to some places and get together with my family.

 Baguio's climate hits all time low during the months of November to February. This is the reason why I love going to this city between these months.

I hope to return to Baguio again this year, or maybe January next year. And hopefully next time, it would be a week-long visit.

Got Goals?

Happy 2014 everyone! Another year for us, this means another adventure and chapter on our lives. I am thankful to be alive to experience this amazing year and hoping that this will be a good one not only for me but for my family. So did any of you ready with their New Year's resolutions? I dont have one but I have 2 goals for the early part of the year. First, to visit my father this month. It's been years since I last saw him; our only communication is via phone. This coming week I will be in Baguio to check up on him and my sister. I am so excited for this meet up. Second, I am gearing up for the upcoming concert of my queens on the 17th of May. Although no confirmed ticket pricing at the moment, I already asjed my supervisor that I will be off that day. It would be so much fun, I am already starting to save up for the ticket. I want to get a seat closer enough for me to see my queens and my bias. I just hope they release the official ticket pricing right now. So there, I n…