January 24, 2014

Packing out Cold

Been in this hood, thinking what to write

Hey y'all! I feel like I need to write today without any topic of whatever. Random stuff? Yes, random. I hope my domain name is working well. I HOPE YOU PASS BY THIS BLOG TO TEST IT. Anyway, if in case please inform me so that I can contact the registrar and get my money back. I know it's cheap purchase, but still, that's money! I worked hard for that money. And getting my own domain name is one of my dreams. So there. Now, I have some quick updates I would like to share. Let's do this then! START!

January 16, 2014

Review: Fingering

So I stumbled upon a Thai news site about an article condemning a lesbian movie for its 'provocative sexual scenes'. Immediately, I watched the movie (thanks to the kind uploader who shared it on YouTube) and to give my two cents, I could say that it became controversial in Thailand not because of the scenes, but the title itself. Here's a short review.

Produced by Queer Movie Production Club (QMPC) and StudioFun, online movie Fingering already caused a stir in the Thailand LGBT community the day it's teaser released. But then as I had mentioned earlier, only the title made it notorious.

The film focuses on the sexual lives of 2 lesbian couples. First couple, Chaeng (Annindy Ann) not being able to satisfy her partner Mi (Sununta Dewa). The other couple, Tang (Patchpicha Termpreeda) feels that her partner Mean (Potjanee Seeviriyakul) only wants to have fun with her in bed. As the story goes their relationship went on the rocks but after realizing their mistakes and learning from it, the pairs ended happily together after all.

But how did the creators came up with that catchy title (if you know what I mean) if it's a romantic comedy film? I tell you, there's no porn the whole movie. Though there are some selected love scenes and a scene of a dildo waved back and forth, they're acceptable (on my level)- no butt or p***y exposure whatsoever. The fingering title mostly relates to the first couple, Chaeng and Mi. Since Mi is absolutely not satisfied with her partner in terms of love-making, Chaeng is seeks help from her 2 gay co-workers to enhance her skills in- you know. And although she broke her 2 fingers, her co-workers suggested that she learn another trick that is, cunnilingus.  Chaeng developed trust issues towards Mi after knowing about her dissatisfaction. Tang on the other hand, left Mean for the sole reason that she only loves sex. After they broke up, Mean realized the true meaning of love and was able to say I love you with utmost sincerity.

Chaeng and Mi, played by Annindy Ann and Sununta Dewa
Overall, I can say that the movie is a rom-com and sends out the message that relationship is not all about sex. But yeah, the title may sound porn, but it's not. But to be honest, the creators could have selected a better title, because I say that it it quite misleading. (ha ha ha).

In terms of cinematography, for me it passes the standard for indie movies (though I am not sure if this is considered one). If this was released as a mainstream movie in Thailand, then the cinematography was a big fail.  There are some transitions between scenes though that I find bad, but not a major issue.

I suggest that you check the movie and give your two cents. The one uploaded on YouTube though had a horrible, horrible English subtitle so better check on other sites. But if you can find one, you can always watch it here.

Out of Town

So yeah, last January 7th, I went to Baguio for a short trip with Yona. My goal for the trip is to visit my father and sister, plus relax and visit some of the city's tourist spots. For about 3 day and 2 nights, we were able to go to some places and get together with my family.

So many things changed since my last visit to the Botanical Garden. They now have these Oriental-inspired gardens.

 Baguio's climate hits all time low during the months of November to February. This is the reason why I love going to this city between these months.

Cordillera is known for its woodcraft.

Tourists must have picked all strawberries , only a few were left hahaha.

I hope to return to Baguio again this year, or maybe January next year. And hopefully next time, it would be a week-long visit.