January 24, 2014

Packing out Cold

Been in this hood, thinking what to write

Hey y'all! I feel like I need to write today without any topic of whatever. Random stuff? Yes, random. I hope my domain name is working well. I HOPE YOU PASS BY THIS BLOG TO TEST IT. Anyway, if in case please inform me so that I can contact the registrar and get my money back. I know it's cheap purchase, but still, that's money! I worked hard for that money. And getting my own domain name is one of my dreams. So there. Now, I have some quick updates I would like to share. Let's do this then! START!

I'm almost done packing my things. It's been one hell of a day, but I'm happy it's done. By next week I'll begin to move my stuff out, hopefully with the help of my girlfriend. I need to get it done in 2 days, since I don't have any extra vacation to do this. 

80% of my stuff are clothes.
While scouring the bags, I found the t-shirt bought by my Tita Joy last year. Gosh, I thought I already lost it, and I thought the laundry people stole it (hahahaha). But to my surprise, it was just there, inside that paper bag, unopened. So happy I'll be able to wear it na! 

I called Mom to tell the good news and we talked for a while. She's sick actually, some sort of gal stone issues. Everything's good now according to her, but still she's not feeling well and had to take some time off from work. I wish we could be there to look after her, Mom's been living alone coz we're all working in Manila. Good thing we have our Tita Belit to check her while she's sick. 

Grandma called too! She's in Manila right now, and called to ask me when are we going to visit her. We were supposed to visit her and my Tita Abet last Sunday, but we due to some reasons - mostly laziness and not having money on my part, we decided to reschedule the visit. So yeah, this Sunday we will visit granny.

Since January, it's been freaking cold. Yes, it's the normal climate during these months here in the country, but it seems that it's a lot colder than the previous years. Checking on the news that USA is experiencing extreme cold weather too. Girlfriend's already sick because of the climate. Stay warm guys! I will surely miss this cold weather once summer kicks in.

Hoping to get this kind of summer this year.
So, what else? Oh, I'm now gearing up for 2NE1 concert! May 17th is their scheduled date, which coincides with their group's 5th anniversary. This means Filipino fans should prepare something! Like an anniversary cake, maybe? The teasers were already released, even the video, which looked like a movie trailer.

Everyone, if ever you're going to the concert, contact me! Most likely I'll go alone 'cause girlfriend's not interested, so I'm looking to people who will attend the event too, maybe I can tag along!