I finally purchased a domain for this blog of mine earlier! If you check your address bar, you should see my new domain name- MY DOMAIN NAME. Ahh it feels awesome, after years of trying to search for a cheap domain registrar, I was able to got one from Namecheap!

At the moment there are some links that are not working, and most likely this is because of the provisioning time for the update. But boy, just after saving the settings, I was able to access the main page using the domain in less than 3 minutes! I was expecting that it can take up to 2 days- as per the discussions and forums that checked. Anyway, I'm glad that at least the main page can now be accessed.

I can keep this domain for a year at a fairly decent price, If I decide to renew, we will see. I have 12 months to use this anyway!

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