March 13, 2014

2NE1 Crush Album Quick Review + YesAsia Experience

So yeah, K-Pop power group 2NE1 recently released their album titled 'Crush'. As a fan, I was able to purchased the digital version on iTunes when it was released, then pre-ordered the physical album on YesAsia. This post will be a mix of album unboxing and review of my experience ordering from YA.

I ordered the album + poster Feb. 27 on YesAsia, as it was one of the first online shopping site to accept pre-orders. The product costs $31.99 then $20.95 Express shipping all in all it is at $52.94 which was okay as I had saved up for this one. I usually shop online, but I do standard shipping. What I do is pick the package at the local post office and pay about $50, but since this one's special, I chose Express. I also want to get the poster included since it is a limited item. If I decide to order the album here in Manila, there's a chance I won't be able to get it. So I waited and waited for the update.

March 10, I received a notification from YesAsia that the order was already shipped via DHL. Using the tracking number they provided, I was able to check the status. By March 11, the package already arrived at DHL's facility in Makati. I came home from work that day, so I'm afraid that I might doze off and miss the delivery, so I decided to call DHL and informed them that I will pick up the package. Upon arriving, I was asked to pay Php548.60 as advised by their Customer Care rep. I paid, of course and when they handed me the package, I was surprised to see that there's no poster included. Supposedly there's a poster in tube as what the order stated. I never asked DHL about it, instead I contacted YesAsia to follow up. 

Anyway, I got home a happy fangirl, opened the package right away.

 The CD was wrapped decently in 3 bubble wraps. I open it and tadaaaaa! I now have 2NE1 'Crush' pink version!

I examined the contents of the CD, one of the highlights of the album (hehehe) the photobook! It contains 2NE1's photoshoot as well as the song lyrics. No 'Thank You' notes from the members were included. I will try to post the contents of the photobook soon. Of course, I also got a random Polaroid photo from Bom! I was hoping I get a Minzy Polaroid, but it's fine hehehehe. 

Bom's adorable. Period.
So minutes after checking the album, I decided to contact Yes Asia about the poster. About 24 hours I received an email from them, explaining that the items were shipped separately, because of the dimension of the poster tube. I thought I the poster's already out of stock, but no. I felt relieved when I learned about it.

Earlier this morning, DHL paid a visit at my place with the poster! I was happy it arrived in less than 48 hours. So yeah, the DHL guy had sign some papers, then asked me to pay Php548.60. I told him I already paid when I picked up the package, he replied it's a separate shipment so another payment should be made. He also informed me that it is the Customs fee standard for all non-document packages. Me being the "okay" type of person, said okay and paid. All in all, I paid $20 plus Php1,097.2 for shipping and those Customs fee. Lesson learned: I will never ever use Express shipping, never. 


If you want faster shiping, Express option is the best choice, but be ready with your money. Advantage though is that you get to have the tracking number, unlike for standard, you wait for the package for weeks without tracking information. Shopping at YesAsia is pretty much decent. Customer Support response is prompt, that's what I liked about the site. For you guys who want to get the album, you can check at their site, or other sites, like KpopTown or DVDHeaven. I chose YesAsia since the sales count to Hanteo charts.