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First off, I want to say sorry for not posting lately. There had been problems with Blogger- well I don't know if it's the blog or the browser, but it these past weeks it won't upload photos that I include. It's too slow to load even if I use Wi-Fi. This is why I hate blogger, and as much as possible I am looking at into migrating to other service. Ghost platform would be good, also considering Wordpress, but what I hate about it is that it is limited unless you pay for the service. Anyway, if you guys have platform suggestions, please inform me about it.

Okay so aside from the Blogger issue, I was also busy with work and getting ready with the upcoming concert, and currently on a tight budget to pay all the other merchs items I ordered. And work today- oh work, it's been stressful lately. I wasn't able to share it, but there had been a major reshuffle in the teams, so technically I am not with my current team mates any more- we already have our own shifts.The …