It's now June and I know, I know, I'm delayed again for 2 months post! Really do apologize, due to 2 reasons, I wasn't able to update. But main reason is that Blogger had been acting up on my internet browser for quite some time now. It all started end of March I believe, I wasn't able to access the main homepage- I can log in, but it gives me this loading page which took me minutes and hours to wait, made me clear my browser's cache and cookies, and even change web browser. I've tried 3 with the same results. At these times I really wish Google could make an Android app for this platform, that way it would be easy for users to post anytime, anywhere. So yeah, this is the first time I tried to log in and voila! I was able to access main page and now I'm writing this crap!

Because of the huge delay, I wasn't able to post my COTM for April and May. So expect this week I will make a short post about it. A viewer asked me if it's possible that my COTM for this month is a guy. Well, you're lucky enough because some random hot guy celebrity caught my eye, and will definitely feature him! Watch out for that!

And of course, it's already June, that means it's already one month since 2NE1's AON Manila. Yes, I did watch and as much as I want to I'd like to write a short review about it. But it's already too late for it, so maybe I'll just post some photos and videos. I have lots of videos but I'm too busy to upload and edit them. In fact, I haven't watched all of them after the concert!

Again to dear visitors, I really really apologize if there's a delay in updates. I will make it up to you this week, I promise. And oh, even if Blogger sucks (literally sucks), I still decided to continue my business with them. Google, you should thank me for being a loyal subscriber hehehe!

Now if you can please make an Android app, please?

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