August 17, 2014

A Night With Lydia

[LATE POST] I was able to watch Korean singer, Quest Crew dancer, and YG Producer Lydia Paek last August 7th ath Zirkoh Quezon City together with 2 of my bosses who happens to be Kpop fans as well. Well, Lydia is not actually a Kpop idol, but the fact that she's a songwriter and producer from YG as well as her being affiliated with some of the world's biggest Kpop stars, expect that Kpop stans will flock to watch the show. Days before the event, she arrived in the country together with two of her close friends- fellow performer Marshall Bang and 2NE1's Sandara Park. They went on a short getaway to relax before gearing up for the 7th.

Photo from my Instagram- Marshall liked it, btw kekeke ^^
Lydia's August 7 gig was her first show in the country.
We arrived at the event around 7PM, and Kpop stans (mostly YG stans if not, all) were already lined up at the main door. We were able to wait in line beside the back door. While chatting the back door opened and fans began to scream. I turned around and saw Marshall and Lydia going out after the rehearsal. Though they looked kind of tired, both smiled and said hi to fans. Quite starstruck especially to Lydia- she's pretty! 

Marshall turning it up.

The show was quite delayed, actually. The original time was set to 10:00PM but it actually started around 11 or 12 midnight if I remember it correctly. So to keep fans from getting bored, Zirkoh's resident performers gave some good entertainment. Personal favorite is Billy and this girl can really sing. She belted out Beyonce's 'Love on Top' and Idinal Menzel's 'Let It Go' and hit those very high notes effortlessly. I'm not kidding! It was one of the best parts of the show, and I think Billy should be given a break or career kkk.
Some local celebs also attended the event- Ms.Ai Ai Delas Alas, Christian Bautista, Yeng Constantino and Ryan Bang along with Dasuri Choi. Then just before the show proper started, a familiar face appeared- Jjangmae! Then fans started screaming when Sandara Park went to sit with one of the tables. Though it was dark, we saw her clearly from our seat. She waved to fans here and there.

The show started with PBB housemate Fourth Solomon gracing the stage and singing. Not familiar with him actually since I don't watch PBB. But yes, I must admit he is good looking. Next is a routine dance from Hip Hop dancer Young Monster. Again, I am not familiar with him (sorry) but I did watch him do his routine- it was great!

Then Marshall Bang went on stage next and sang 3,4 songs. He also sang Christian Bautista's 'The Way You Look At Me' and gave it justice. He's a good singer and performer too. He even sang a gospel song with Lydia, before the latter took the stage.


Lydia- she's always a good singer. I've heard some of her cover songs on YT, heard her voice being feature on G-Dragon's 'R.O.D', but like my bias Minzy, hearing her sing live is heaven. Everyone raved when she sang her cover song of Taeyang's 'Eyes Nose Lips'- for me it's the best cover of the single. She even accepted requests from fans and sang parts from Park Bom's 'Don't Cry' and Lee Hi's '1234', which she co-wrote. She was also very generous enough to give fans autographs during the show. Lydia should get her own album but I think that in the meantime she is happy as a songwriter and producer for YG artists.

All in all, it was a short perf, but very memorable. Not every day or year you get to see YG artists and producers visit the country and sing. Looking forward to seeing Lydia again hopefully in the near future. 

A/N: The photos I took may look like I'm too far from the stage, but actually I'm on the second row. I can see Lydia and Marshall clear enough. It's all my phone's fault.