September 22, 2014


Ano ang sukat ng halaga ng isang buhay?
Kayamanan ba o di kaya ang pangalan?

What dictates a person’s worth? Is it possessions? Is it reputation?

Awit Ng Mortal (Song of the Mortal) is a masterpiece written by Joey Ayala with a very relaxing tune. It is one of my favorite Filipino folk songs, aside from other masterpieces from Asin and Buklod. Having a background as a student activist, their songs never get old to me.

Focusing on this particular song, I love the message it relays to us, that life is short, and that whatever we want to have or achieve we should make it happen while we are still alive. Not being sentimental, but since my birthday is just days away, this song really gets in my head. I'm almost 30, and yes, I need to start working on things I want to achieve. Maybe I need to start writing it down? :)

You can listen to the song's preview or buy the album instead by clicking this link,