October 27, 2014

90's Halloween

The horror vibe is just around the corner and to be honest, this is my favorite part of the year, especially that fact hat it comes before Christmas and New Year. Maybe because I love horror movies and novels that's why I came to love Halloween too. Today, Halloween is filled with parties and trick or treats and other types of celebration. The Halloween I knew and loved was the dark, really scary type. If you're a Filipino, grew up in the 90's, you know what I mean.

For 'batang 90's' like me, we will always remember Noli De Castro's Magandang Gabi Bayan. This program I believe is the pioneer and was the first news magazine program in the Philippines. It became a habit for our family to watch this every Saturday. Come 6:00 PM, everyone would bring dinner in front of the TV to watch while eating.  The program tackles of course Filipino-related current events during the year it aired, but my favorite episodes are the ones shown during last week of October to first week of November in which they would air their yearly Halloween Special episode.

Their Halloween Special airs horror-creepy-scary stories sent by viewers. Most of them are from personal experiences and sometimes they also visit famous ghost infested places in the country. Stories aired varies, from local cryptids like 'tiyanak', 'aswang', 'tikbalang' up to creepy stories  such as flying coffins, headless man, white lady, exorcism, you can have it all at this certain time of the year. And what's more scary about MGB's Halloween Special is that they invest in re-enacting these stories and even using props and hiring scary looking actors to make the episode more horrifying. I was able to find one of the classic episodes of the show on YouTube, it may look blurry but try to watch it.

Nowadays, Halloween is celebration for kids- parties, candies, colorful costumes and happy smiles. This coming November 1 though, I'll enjoy a night of these old school  MGB horror episodes together with my siblings. I'll be ready with snacks and good internet connection of course!