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All of us wen through a phase in life which I call fangirling/fanboying phase, in which we spazz a certain person, group, or media related such as movies, shows. During my grade school years I was a big fan of The X-Files and Gillian Anderson (as my past posts, Gillian practically opened the rainbow world for me haha). Anyway, this phase can be of different levels- some can go for a short period of time while some can last for years and decades. One example I'd like to use is are famous Filipino superstars Nora Aunor and Vilma Santos, up to now their solid fan base in the country are their fans when they started showbiz in the 60's.

In my case, I'm already nearing 30 but my love for 2NE1 and Minzy has been part of my life since for years. It started one fateful night of August 2009, when one of my male officemates, who happened to be sitting to a station next to me, called me to watch 'Fire' MV. That time 2NE1 just had their debut and this male officemate illegally downloaded the video from a proxy site. I plugged my earphones to his PC and watched it. Of course one familiar face in the group I recognized was Sandara but I also got curious to look at the other girls, particularly the young Minzy which I first thought was CL. So yeah, when I got home from work the next morning I did some research of the girls, then my 2NE1 fangirling phase began.

I started watching and downloading their songs on my phone, read every articles and visited fansites, until there's a certain time when I decided to take this phase to the next level. Next level means, buying their merchandise, and going to their events and concerts. I guess a fan girl that has stable income has its perks. I went in to their first show in Manila but at that time tickets were sold so I resorted to buying General Admission ticket just so I can hear them live and breathe the same air with them (lol). Then last May, I went to my second 2NE1 concert. I am very thankful for that opportunity ( and to my boss who granted my vacation leave for that certain event) and time to watch and hear our ladies sing again live on stage.

Just like love, age doesn't matter when it comes to fangirling/fanboying. As long as it gives you happiness and joy, give it a go. Now I met new set of friends whom I share the same interest. And if there's a chance to see 2NE1 again, I'd definitely push for it.

(This is in response to an article by one true Blackjack. Check it here)

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