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Year - End Post

Hello! So yes, this will be my last blog post for this year. Almost forgot to work on this because at the moment I am sick. I just got home from the clinic. I don't want to end this year sick! I should get well fast, hehe. Anyway, this going to be a special post, because I'll be marking an activity and a special event. You ready?

Crush of the Month Sum Up

This year I'm proud to say that I was able to push through with my COTM list (though one month is missing). After what- 2, 3 years of being on super hiatus, finally! My lists contains old-timers like Uh Huh Her, but most are new faces, including Tegan and Sara, Rinko Kikuchi, Emily Blunt, and others.

You'll also notice for the second time, I included a guy on my list, Zac Efron. The first male specie I added was Norman Reedus which was last year, and these 2 handsome men are so gorgeous and hot!

Hopefully next year, we'll get to see new faces (even guys) on the list. I'm also planning on accepting suggestions …