Year - End Post

Hello! So yes, this will be my last blog post for this year. Almost forgot to work on this because at the moment I am sick. I just got home from the clinic. I don't want to end this year sick! I should get well fast, hehe. Anyway, this going to be a special post, because I'll be marking an activity and a special event. You ready?

Crush of the Month Sum Up

This year I'm proud to say that I was able to push through with my COTM list (though one month is missing). After what- 2, 3 years of being on super hiatus, finally! My lists contains old-timers like Uh Huh Her, but most are new faces, including Tegan and Sara, Rinko Kikuchi, Emily Blunt, and others.

You'll also notice for the second time, I included a guy on my list, Zac Efron. The first male specie I added was Norman Reedus which was last year, and these 2 handsome men are so gorgeous and hot!

Hopefully next year, we'll get to see new faces (even guys) on the list. I'm also planning on accepting suggestions or your votes for next year, what do you think?

Happy 7th Anniversary!

Today, December 27th, marks the 7th year of my blog's existence. Can you believe that? Seven years of me writing nonsense things and crap on the blogosphere. Thank you, blog for not giving up on me, and to Google for not recognizing it as a "spam blog" and for not removing it. You know I've searched every corner of the internet looking for the best platform, but at the end of the day, you'd still be my best choice. I appreciate it. /sobs/

Man, 2015 is almost here! I cannot promise about updating you guys again often, but one thing I can tell you is that I look forward into having relevant, less-crap posts on this little space of mine. Enjoy the remaining days of 2014 and let's all welcome the new year with a bang!

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