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The Hype Awakens

Just a few days ago, the seventh sequel of Star Wars was released and shown all over the globe. Fans old and new have waited years for this and I had the opportunity to see the movie, even though it's not on 3D.
I am actually a fan of the first Star Wars Trilogy, the first three films starring the young Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford (good looking by the way). As you all know, George Lucas first released episodes IV, V and VI before I, II and III and up to this moment I have no idea why he did that. Unless he had some good explanation for possible story development, you might want to do a little research for interviews.
When I first learned about the sequel, I didn't set any high hopes for it, as usually sequels are worse than B-movies (exclude Pitch Perfect 2 of course). Few days after the show date, I learned it gained excellent reviews from critics so I decided to storm a local cinema in our town and to check it.
And to be honest, I was very impressed with it…

Happy December

A few days ago, I had the chance to get in touch with old friends. It's been two years since the last time we got together and since they're in town for a quick visit I took this opportunity to catch up with them.  These friends I'm referring are a lovely couple, I had the honor to attend their wedding in 2013. I am happy seeing them together after 2 years, and the best part is, more old friends joined us later that day. From 3 folks to 8! One of them, my ex-girlfriend (now married), the other one my highschool classmate, the other one a friend and editor from our college paper (and is dating my highschool classmate), and the other two, a lovely couple as well.
I won't give details on how we met, because it's sort of crazy but these people I haven't seen in the past couple of years, are very dear to me even though we are now busy with life.
As they tirelessly tell stories and catch up with events, I cannot help but think how time went by so fast. From young, s…

I Got Plans For You

I've been blogging for almost a decade now and to be honest, I haven't written a good content. During the first years of my blogging stint (circa 2005) I received small amount of exposure, met new friends. I was a contributor for a certain food blog. I remember Karl from Pinoy Blogero, Mike from Utak Gago and other famous Pinoy bloggers. I have no idea where they are today, and their blog is already MIA. Some bloggers I met online still runs their sites, such as Kuya Red of Redlan, Jehzeel of Jezhlau Concepts, and Richard of the famous entertainment site Lionheart TV (I watched him rise to stardom he he).

What about me? For as long as I can remember, this is not my first blog. The very first blog I created was back in 2005. After committing myself to maintain this current site, I thought I can make it grow, or make it a source of income. And I did. Aside from the home-based side job I did back then, this blog helped me earn money via paid posts, and used it to pamper myself.…

Thoughts While In Bed

It's been more than a week since I arrived here in my hometown. So far everything is well, though sometimes I think of the city and miss the noise, but I am thankful that I get to enjoy calm mornings and cool afternoons here in the province. I miss taking care of plants and recently, the rose cuttings I planted already had its small leaves. I am also in charge of watering the plans on my mom and grandma's garden, something that I miss doing as well. Back in the city, there is no space where you can plant flowers nor a space to put a flower pot. In the city, everything is fast-paced, everyone is busy. Here at home, I can relax by doing the things I love. And I need this time to recharge and refresh myself for next year's job hunting.

Why did you quit your job anyway? There are numerous reasons why people quit their jobs. My former teammates left our employer for 'better job with higher pay'. Some have like 'itutuloy ang pag-aaral' (continue college) only to …

What's Your Personality Type?

Out of the blue, I took 2 personality tests today, based on the typological theory introduced by Carl Jung and the MBTI developed Isabel Briggs Myers and her mother, Katharine Cooks Briggs.  There's lots of personality tests around the internet (I often see posts on Facebook), and I don't really believe in them mainly because the can be means of internet phishing. But then I decided to take one, to see what these series of questions say about me.

The first test, based on Carl Jung's theory gave me a series of statements and I got to select the answers based on what I think is appropriate or right. I got the result, it is INFJ. This is what it means:

"Strongly humanitarian in outlook, INFJs tend to be idealists, and because of their J preference for closure and completion, they are generally "doers" as well as dreamers.

INFJs are deeply concerned about their relations with individuals as well as the state of humanity at large. They are, in fact, sometimes mist…

Moving On

Yesterday, I was able to complete my requirements and clear my account from work. I am now officially, no doubt unemployed. I will miss my work and the people I met and became friends with. But hey, everything must come to an end and everyone must move on. I spent almost 4 years working. During these years there were happy times, but as time passes, stress came and I burned out. I got to a point where I dreaded waking up on Tuesdays and prays for Sunday to arrive. I wasn't happy anymore, so what's the point of staying?

It has been my plan to leave work since 2014 but I had told myself to be patient and hold on. I did, but still.

Now the only thing I am thinking is to go home and be with my family and make up for the years I wasn't with them. This is also a perfect time for me to relax and make my next plans. I hope everything will be good next year. I can do this!

P.S. This is my first post after a couple of months.

Quick Review: Pitch Perfect 2

The Pitches are back! Anna Kendrick and the girls are here and this afternoon, I had the opportunity to watch Pitch Perfect 2 alone- and these ladies never disappointed me, just like the first installment. So here's a quick review about the film and the things that I liked about it.
Basically the settings takes place a couple of years after the first Pitch Perfect movie events. Barden Bellas enjoying the fame they have when an incident left them suspended and stripped of their credentials. To redeem their group's dignity, they signed up to compete at the world a capella competition and beat the reigning group, Das Sound Machine. 
I love how DSM was portrayed as a powerhouse group that rivals with the Bellas, they're like this unbreakable wall and how they have this cocky attitude towards our girls. I feel like I should see more of DSM in the future, or at least at the third sequel.
Over all, I would rate this film 9 out of 10 hearts. You may not like the film and think of…

BREAKING: Saijyo Nagi now blogs under a new platform!

Guys, remember when I blogged about Ultraman actors having their own blogs? Yasue Sato a.k.a. Saijyo Nagi was one of them. Unfortunately after a couple of years the link to her blog was nowhere to be found and I got sad because she's my favorite deunamist and I don't get to see her cute photo updates.

Well, I stumbled upon her Instagram which eventually led me to her Twitter account, and eventually led me to her new blog under Ameblo! I found out she's been using this platform since 2011!

I am really happy to see her latest photos and updates, and it seems she now has her own jewelry line. For now, I'll enjoy myself stalking her blog archives, see ya!

On Wounds and Stitches

As part of my vacation last month, I had my warts removed March 25th. I have small warts on both hands, but the biggest one (as big as an M&M chocolate button), located at my left middle finger made me worry so much. The first 2 days were as usual normal, with pains and slight inflammation of the wounds. But as days go by the small ones were healed.

 The big one however, hasn't. Though I am aware that it's bigger and may take longer time to heal, I was sure that eventually with proper care it will heal like the others. I went to the city and continued working as usual.
A week later, I noticed flesh filling out the wound, which was a good sign; but the wound opening stayed the same. I ignored it and continued to follow mom's advise to put medicine and let it dry as much as possible.

WARNING: You may find the following images graphic. Do no eat while you read this post.

Whenever I let it dry scabs form on the wound itself, then cover it with gauze before going to work. Wh…

From Android to Windows

I've been an Android user since it first came out in the market. Having no money back then to buy an iPhone, I resorted to the then entry level Samsung Galaxy Pocket which sports the Gingerbread version of Android. I fell in love right away- tons of applications and games available, and most of all, Android itself being an open source platform- rooting the phone and flashing custom ROMs for a whole new experience. I forgot my longing to have an Apple device and embraced Android wholeheartedly.

Until Windows Phone came from nowhere. At first, I got intrigued by the Live Tile feature, these colorful squares at your phone screen. I got interested with getting a phone, but I got scared of leaving my device. Not because of the process of transferring your files and stuff, but because it would be a whole new thing for me. What if the UI sucks? What it the functions I need is not available? What if there are no Windows version of the apps and games I currently have? It's true that d…

Are You a Religious Person?

A question I received from my Ask box couple of days ago. In case you don't know, Ask is a social networking site where people get to send you questions and you get to answer them. Though it's been around for years, I just started using it months ago, to connect with friends/follows on Twitter.

So back to the question (which by the way, sent by an anonymous person), it took me quite a while to answer it. Religion has been out of my business for the past years; I was caught a bit off guard with this, but still I posted my response:

"No. I grew up in a very religious family under a church that requires you to attend service twice a week. I grew up active in the church, choir member and officer, etc. But over the years as I discover myself going towards the rainbow path and the denomination I'm in criticizes it I realized I cannot be part of this religious group. So now I stopped going to church, and currently I don't belong to any christian groups."

After re-re…