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Are You a Religious Person?

A question I received from my Ask box couple of days ago. In case you don't know, Ask is a social networking site where people get to send you questions and you get to answer them. Though it's been around for years, I just started using it months ago, to connect with friends/follows on Twitter.

So back to the question (which by the way, sent by an anonymous person), it took me quite a while to answer it. Religion has been out of my business for the past years; I was caught a bit off guard with this, but still I posted my response:

"No. I grew up in a very religious family under a church that requires you to attend service twice a week. I grew up active in the church, choir member and officer, etc. But over the years as I discover myself going towards the rainbow path and the denomination I'm in criticizes it I realized I cannot be part of this religious group. So now I stopped going to church, and currently I don't belong to any christian groups."

After re-re…