February 2, 2015

Rara Answers: Are You a Religious Person?

A question I received from my Ask box couple of days ago. In case you don't know, Ask is a social networking site where people get to send you questions and you get to answer them. Though it's been around for years, I just started using it months ago, to connect with friends/follows on Twitter.

So back to the question (which by the way, sent by an anonymous person), it took me quite a while to answer it. Religion has been out of my business for the past years; I was caught a bit off guard with this, but still I posted my response:

"No. I grew up in a very religious family under a church that requires you to attend service twice a week. I grew up active in the church, choir member and officer, etc. But over the years as I discover myself going towards the rainbow path and the denomination I'm in criticizes it I realized I cannot be part of this religious group. So now I stopped going to church, and currently I don't belong to any christian groups."

After re-reading my answer, I realized it isn't enough. No, being gay is not only the reason why I quit attending church services. Come to think of it, the years I spent being an activist and learning Marxism contributed to what I believe today. Though I am already a regular person, part of the bourgeoisie class as they say, lessons I learned from Marx stayed with me. Particularly dialectical materialism which teaches and recognizes that the world is made of material and that every event in the universe is made up of matter, and motion. It detaches itself from the idea that spirit is the source of all existence on Earth.  I admit this used to be my favorite and I can say that it really had an impact on my beliefs, especially in terms of religion.

Again, back to the question: Am I a religious person? Religion - in my view, these are the beliefs that exists. Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Taoism, Islam, and many other religions around the world. Denomination, particularly Christian denominations are the churches that practice Christianity- Catholic, Methodist, Born Again, Protestant, and others (lots of them actually). I am a Christian- I was born a Christian, but I don't belong to any of these denominations mentioned (though as per my brother, I'm still listed as a member at my former church). Don't hate me, I respect the teachings of every church,  I don't have anything against it. I still think that having a meaningful spiritual life does good to people. I just don't practice it, as I had doubts in the Christian teaching of divine existence. And in the past couple of years I began to wonder and appreciate the ancient alien theory wherein foreign life from another world/universe gave us the knowledge and taught us to expand our civilization which I believe is very possible.

The universe is a very mysterious place; I don't think that we are the only living species. Who knows there might be another civilization far more superior than us billions of light years away from Earth?