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From Android to Windows

I've been an Android user since it first came out in the market. Having no money back then to buy an iPhone, I resorted to the then entry level Samsung Galaxy Pocket which sports the Gingerbread version of Android. I fell in love right away- tons of applications and games available, and most of all, Android itself being an open source platform- rooting the phone and flashing custom ROMs for a whole new experience. I forgot my longing to have an Apple device and embraced Android wholeheartedly.

Until Windows Phone came from nowhere. At first, I got intrigued by the Live Tile feature, these colorful squares at your phone screen. I got interested with getting a phone, but I got scared of leaving my device. Not because of the process of transferring your files and stuff, but because it would be a whole new thing for me. What if the UI sucks? What it the functions I need is not available? What if there are no Windows version of the apps and games I currently have? It's true that d…