March 12, 2015

From Android to Windows

I've been an Android user since it first came out in the market. Having no money back then to buy an iPhone, I resorted to the then entry level Samsung Galaxy Pocket which sports the Gingerbread version of Android. I fell in love right away- tons of applications and games available, and most of all, Android itself being an open source platform- rooting the phone and flashing custom ROMs for a whole new experience. I forgot my longing to have an Apple device and embraced Android wholeheartedly.

Until Windows Phone came from nowhere. At first, I got intrigued by the Live Tile feature, these colorful squares at your phone screen. I got interested with getting a phone, but I got scared of leaving my device. Not because of the process of transferring your files and stuff, but because it would be a whole new thing for me. What if the UI sucks? What it the functions I need is not available? What if there are no Windows version of the apps and games I currently have? It's true that developers devote their products to Android and iOS users. And a friend of mine warned me that all the games I'm playing have no Windows version. But I took the risk.

My Lumia 630 sporting Amber accent

One day my brother came home with a brand new Nokia Lumia 630 which he got as a loyalty offer from his cellphone company. As a fellow Android user, his plan was to sell the phone. Then there's me, wanting to try out a Windows device, so I bought it from him. When I first opened the phone and did navigation, I was surprised on how simple the UI is, and I loved its simplicity. In an that same time I started transferring my contacts to the new phone, along with my files. Then began downloading the apps I need. I also tried using the camera and I can say it's way better than my Galaxy S3 Mini.

As always, what I liked about my new phone is it's battery life. Nokia phones are known for their durable phones with long lasting battery- remember the 3210 and 3310 models? Battery lasts up to 4 days even when using it with games and watching videos. And recently, I activated Cortana she's a darling- she knows me and helps me a lot, especially with internet searching.

Cortana doing her job- to make my life easier.

Yes, I'm now in love with my Windows device. I am looking forward to spending more years with my new phone. And if you're asking what happened to my old phone, well I still love it and still use it for games and serves as a hotspot device sometimes. If you're looking for a new smartphone, try Windows, I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy it.