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BREAKING: Saijyo Nagi now blogs under a new platform!

Guys, remember when I blogged about Ultraman actors having their own blogs? Yasue Sato a.k.a. Saijyo Nagi was one of them. Unfortunately after a couple of years the link to her blog was nowhere to be found and I got sad because she's my favorite deunamist and I don't get to see her cute photo updates.

Well, I stumbled upon her Instagram which eventually led me to her Twitter account, and eventually led me to her new blog under Ameblo! I found out she's been using this platform since 2011!

I am really happy to see her latest photos and updates, and it seems she now has her own jewelry line. For now, I'll enjoy myself stalking her blog archives, see ya!

On Wounds and Stitches

As part of my vacation last month, I had my warts removed March 25th. I have small warts on both hands, but the biggest one (as big as an M&M chocolate button), located at my left middle finger made me worry so much. The first 2 days were as usual normal, with pains and slight inflammation of the wounds. But as days go by the small ones were healed.

 The big one however, hasn't. Though I am aware that it's bigger and may take longer time to heal, I was sure that eventually with proper care it will heal like the others. I went to the city and continued working as usual.
A week later, I noticed flesh filling out the wound, which was a good sign; but the wound opening stayed the same. I ignored it and continued to follow mom's advise to put medicine and let it dry as much as possible.

WARNING: You may find the following images graphic. Do no eat while you read this post.

Whenever I let it dry scabs form on the wound itself, then cover it with gauze before going to work. Wh…