April 16, 2015

On Wounds and Stitches

As part of my vacation last month, I had my warts removed March 25th. I have small warts on both hands, but the biggest one (as big as an M&M chocolate button), located at my left middle finger made me worry so much. The first 2 days were as usual normal, with pains and slight inflammation of the wounds. But as days go by the small ones were healed.

Hours after the cauterization
 The big one however, hasn't. Though I am aware that it's bigger and may take longer time to heal, I was sure that eventually with proper care it will heal like the others. I went to the city and continued working as usual.
A week later, I noticed flesh filling out the wound, which was a good sign; but the wound opening stayed the same. I ignored it and continued to follow mom's advise to put medicine and let it dry as much as possible.

WARNING: You may find the following images graphic. Do no eat while you read this post.

Seven days after

Whenever I let it dry scabs form on the wound itself, then cover it with gauze before going to work. When I get back home I open it to clean, and scabs stick on the gauze causing the wound to open again. This went on for the next 7 days. I tried searching the internet for the best remedies for these types of wounds and found many ways-- some recommends letting the wound dry and some maintaining the wound moist and remove scabs if possible. I tried doing these options to see if it would work, but the wound stayed the same. Still I though that it's a normal part of healing and again, can take a long time for it to completely heal.

18 days after, when the wound is dry

18 days after, after scab is removed

One day I noticed a blot on the gauze covering it. I got worried since it was not usual. I was sure it was blood and not Povidone Iodine. So after work I went straight to the clinic. When the doctor removed the gauze blood flowed in; and though I am used to seeing blood, I freaked out and panicked after seeing it flowing out from my finger. The good doctor put pressure on it to minimized bleeding; after it stopped he carefully examined the wound. He found out that excess flesh prevents the wound from closing and that flesh needs to be removed and have the wound stitched. I agreed to him without any hesitation.

Wound still open but these 5 stitches would help close it in
 It's been almost a month since I had my warts removed, and also time to go back to the doctor to have the stitches removed. I hope that before my trip to Baler everything will be fine. Well, I think that the wound is healing, I don't feel any pains (except for the suture) and there is no sign of swelling or infection. Once I visit the clinic next week, we'll see the result. *cross fingers

UPDATE 04/24/2015: I had the stitches removed April 21. So far it went well (though it's painful when doctor's pulling the thread). He told me I can now go swimming but will still have to apply medications.

UPDATE 05/08/2015: Healed. Thank goodness!!