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Quick Review: Pitch Perfect 2

The Pitches are back! Anna Kendrick and the girls are here and this afternoon, I had the opportunity to watch Pitch Perfect 2 alone- and these ladies never disappointed me, just like the first installment. So here's a quick review about the film and the things that I liked about it.
Basically the settings takes place a couple of years after the first Pitch Perfect movie events. Barden Bellas enjoying the fame they have when an incident left them suspended and stripped of their credentials. To redeem their group's dignity, they signed up to compete at the world a capella competition and beat the reigning group, Das Sound Machine. 
I love how DSM was portrayed as a powerhouse group that rivals with the Bellas, they're like this unbreakable wall and how they have this cocky attitude towards our girls. I feel like I should see more of DSM in the future, or at least at the third sequel.
Over all, I would rate this film 9 out of 10 hearts. You may not like the film and think of…