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I Got Plans For You

I've been blogging for almost a decade now and to be honest, I haven't written a good content. During the first years of my blogging stint (circa 2005) I received small amount of exposure, met new friends. I was a contributor for a certain food blog. I remember Karl from Pinoy Blogero, Mike from Utak Gago and other famous Pinoy bloggers. I have no idea where they are today, and their blog is already MIA. Some bloggers I met online still runs their sites, such as Kuya Red of Redlan, Jehzeel of Jezhlau Concepts, and Richard of the famous entertainment site Lionheart TV (I watched him rise to stardom he he).

What about me? For as long as I can remember, this is not my first blog. The very first blog I created was back in 2005. After committing myself to maintain this current site, I thought I can make it grow, or make it a source of income. And I did. Aside from the home-based side job I did back then, this blog helped me earn money via paid posts, and used it to pamper myself.…

Thoughts While In Bed

It's been more than a week since I arrived here in my hometown. So far everything is well, though sometimes I think of the city and miss the noise, but I am thankful that I get to enjoy calm mornings and cool afternoons here in the province. I miss taking care of plants and recently, the rose cuttings I planted already had its small leaves. I am also in charge of watering the plans on my mom and grandma's garden, something that I miss doing as well. Back in the city, there is no space where you can plant flowers nor a space to put a flower pot. In the city, everything is fast-paced, everyone is busy. Here at home, I can relax by doing the things I love. And I need this time to recharge and refresh myself for next year's job hunting.

Why did you quit your job anyway? There are numerous reasons why people quit their jobs. My former teammates left our employer for 'better job with higher pay'. Some have like 'itutuloy ang pag-aaral' (continue college) only to …