November 14, 2015

I Got Plans For You

Received this notification earlier today. Should I update? Or should I ignore it? This is totally not related to the following post.

I've been blogging for almost a decade now and to be honest, I haven't written a good content. During the first years of my blogging stint (circa 2005) I received small amount of exposure, met new friends. I was a contributor for a certain food blog. I remember Karl from Pinoy Blogero, Mike from Utak Gago and other famous Pinoy bloggers. I have no idea where they are today, and their blog is already MIA. Some bloggers I met online still runs their sites, such as Kuya Red of Redlan, Jehzeel of Jezhlau Concepts, and Richard of the famous entertainment site Lionheart TV (I watched him rise to stardom he he).

What about me? For as long as I can remember, this is not my first blog. The very first blog I created was back in 2005. After committing myself to maintain this current site, I thought I can make it grow, or make it a source of income. And I did. Aside from the home-based side job I did back then, this blog helped me earn money via paid posts, and used it to pamper myself. By pampering means buying Ultraman toys online.

But did you really maintained this site in terms of regular posting? Nope. If you ask why, it's because I had a very bad case of writer's block, then I became too lazy to update. Lazy to the point that I want to deactivate this little space I have in the blogosphere. This blog is active since 2007, but that's just it. No good content during the past 2 to 5 years, except for the once-a-month post I have about women I love. And yes, I even purchased a domain for it, but what is a blog with a good URL but has shitty content?

A few years ago someone asked me what am I going to do with my life. I was 27 back then. I told him I don't have for now, I want to start think about it once I turn 30. Well I turned 30 this year so yes, it's about time to get serious, lay a solid plan for my life and the first stop is me leaving my old job and find a better one.

Next month is my blog's 8th anniversary, and as part of this plan, I will do my very best to post good content on this site, not just about women and stuff, but contents that makes more sense. Just recently, I thought of revamping the site and deleting old posts, but decided not to. Because these old posts are interesting, these old articles are the heart and soul of this blog. Whether it's an interesting or a crappy post, I won't delete them. You can feast your eyes on these posts; if you like to read them, take the risk (LOL).

I also hope to resume my post as a contributor for that food blog I mentioned earlier. I sent the guys an email, I have issues with log in. Hopefully, it will be resolved and I can start posting again. Stay tuned for that