November 12, 2015

Thoughts While In Bed

It's been more than a week since I arrived here in my hometown. So far everything is well, though sometimes I think of the city and miss the noise, but I am thankful that I get to enjoy calm mornings and cool afternoons here in the province. I miss taking care of plants and recently, the rose cuttings I planted already had its small leaves. I am also in charge of watering the plans on my mom and grandma's garden, something that I miss doing as well. Back in the city, there is no space where you can plant flowers nor a space to put a flower pot. In the city, everything is fast-paced, everyone is busy. Here at home, I can relax by doing the things I love. And I need this time to recharge and refresh myself for next year's job hunting.

Why did you quit your job anyway? There are numerous reasons why people quit their jobs. My former teammates left our employer for 'better job with higher pay'. Some have like 'itutuloy ang pag-aaral' (continue college) only to find out weeks later they're training at another company. Some of them left work because they found jobs outside he country. Last September there was an incident at the office which led half of our team (including me) to leave work. When I filed my resignation letter my supervisor asked me why. My answer's simple -- I am not happy anymore.

Anung gagawin mo ngayon? Ang hirap maghanap ng trabaho. (What are you going to do now? Finding another job is difficult). Well that's a good point. With the Philippine's 'booming' economy (as per our esteemed government officials), chances are little to none when it comes to getting hired to a position that fits your skills. For a moment, it made me question my decision to resign. But still I did.

I remember I had high hopes and very optimistic about my future when I started working in this company. The location of the office from my house is very strategic, and I have amazing co-workers and supervisors with me.

As years passed I started to feel bad about Tuesdays (it's the start of my work week). Instead of enthusiasm, I felt more frustration every time I drag my feet to work. I started opening up to my seniors about this. During these times I had felt that the only reason I go to work is because of my co-workers who became good friends of mine. The thought of quitting my job gives me relief. This feeling went on for several months to a year. When the incident happened, I took it as a sign to finally quit.

Were you happy with your decision to leave? Yes. Very happy.  Most people have hard time quitting; change can be scary. On my part, I once felt that quitting is a sign of failure -- failure, because I have already invested so much time and effort to this work even though you are not properly rewarded. I gave it many chances, hoped that maybe some miracle will happen and a change will come and that I'll love my work again. But no. My two cents-- don't waste your time doing something that doesn't give you happiness. If you love what you do, if you are happy with your work, you'll do good. As for me, I am excited what's in store for me next year. This month and the coming holidays, I'll focus on family and reflection-- and also my plants.