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The Hype Awakens

Just a few days ago, the seventh sequel of Star Wars was released and shown all over the globe. Fans old and new have waited years for this and I had the opportunity to see the movie, even though it's not on 3D.
I am actually a fan of the first Star Wars Trilogy, the first three films starring the young Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford (good looking by the way). As you all know, George Lucas first released episodes IV, V and VI before I, II and III and up to this moment I have no idea why he did that. Unless he had some good explanation for possible story development, you might want to do a little research for interviews.
When I first learned about the sequel, I didn't set any high hopes for it, as usually sequels are worse than B-movies (exclude Pitch Perfect 2 of course). Few days after the show date, I learned it gained excellent reviews from critics so I decided to storm a local cinema in our town and to check it.
And to be honest, I was very impressed with it…

Happy December

A few days ago, I had the chance to get in touch with old friends. It's been two years since the last time we got together and since they're in town for a quick visit I took this opportunity to catch up with them.  These friends I'm referring are a lovely couple, I had the honor to attend their wedding in 2013. I am happy seeing them together after 2 years, and the best part is, more old friends joined us later that day. From 3 folks to 8! One of them, my ex-girlfriend (now married), the other one my highschool classmate, the other one a friend and editor from our college paper (and is dating my highschool classmate), and the other two, a lovely couple as well.
I won't give details on how we met, because it's sort of crazy but these people I haven't seen in the past couple of years, are very dear to me even though we are now busy with life.
As they tirelessly tell stories and catch up with events, I cannot help but think how time went by so fast. From young, s…