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Online Dating Thoughts

I've been "single-ish" for almost 2 years now. Single-ish meaning I still connect with my ex-girlfriend and we hang out sometimes, and have random sexy times. Am I that bad? Anyway this post isn't about her (I'll deal with this soon). This post is about my thoughs regarding online dating sites. Especially moderating online dating sites.

I admit, online dating is not my thing. But yes, because I'm single, I thought there's nothing wrong joining. So I signed up for OKCupid and been here for quite some time now. I get to answer endless questions and they'll be used by OKC to match you up with other users (using magic, yes). Here are some things I learned:

A low or zero percent match doesn't mean you really don't match. At all. A couple of weeks ago, I watched a video from Buzzfeed where they conducted an experiment on OKC's personality algorithm used to match users. Buzzfeed's Zach Kornfeld scoured the OkCupid universe to find a user that…

Happy New Year

2016 is officially here. This means we need to wait 12 more months before we can have a nice vacation with our families. This also means new goals to set for most folks like me. It's January, so it's time to get back to the real world which is horrible, dreadful but nice.
And with that being said, it's now time for me to go job hunting. This is my primary goal for this month and as of the moment, I am now in the process of updating my papers (including getting NBI clearance online which is a miserable task). Primary target would be within the city, has access to public transports. Once I finalize my clearance application, hunting will commence. Other goals include opening a new savings account because the current one I have sucks and doesn't have decent customer service.
I don't have anything nice to say today, except that my blog just reached its 9th year (can you believe this??) 
And may you guys have a meaningful and prosperous 2016 ahead! We can get through th…