August 28, 2016


When was the last time I made an update? It felt like years since I got a new job and since Minzy left 2NE1 that I made quite a long post. But yes, I remember I had a blog that's been dormant for quite a while. Let me give you a quick update.

I'm on my sixth month at my new job. I admit, the first 2-3 months was stressful that I thought of quitting. I still can't believe that I'm working for an online dating site and yes, six months later I'm still here, on my way to regularization. All is good now to be honest. Work environment is great and I have a great team and an amazing boss who never fails to guide us. Hopefully I'd make it through another six months, or longer.

I've also purchased a book earlier this month, Patricia Highsmith's The Price of Salt. I've watched the movie version, Carol, but reading the book would be better. Hopefully, I'd be able to read it soon, after I'm done with the book I last purchased. Which has been on my shelf pending for almost 2 years. Speaking of books, lately I've been been reading a lot of e-books. Most of them, classics like Anna Karenina. We have e-books available at work and whenever I have time I read them. E-book really comes in handy but buying the book itself is nice. The last e-book I read was Khaled Hosseini's The Kite Runner. It was one of the few books I read that really made me cry. I really want to buy it's hard copy but it wasn't available at that time I went to the bookstore. I resorted to getting another book instead but the manager assured that copies will arrive by next month. Also, should I make a review on these books I read? I do post movie reviews from time to time but not books.  We'll look into it.

Yesterday, I had set up a WordPress page. I am actually thinking of making a switch from Blogger to WP. I've had some acquaintances before encouraging  me to try this platform. So after years I finally made up my mind to create a blog which you can visit here.

I don't have much update aside from this. Do I expect a very good film this year? Yes. Do I expect a Minzy debut soon? Yes, very soon. Do I expect a new girlfriend? No. Lately it's been raining hard. Stay safe and keep warm. The jungles of Manila is savage, especially this type of weather.