September 27, 2016


I am writing this update on this special day of my existence. I believe this is my first time to write some sort of like a birthday post. Well mostly this is going to be just an update from my last post. But we'll see where this keyboard will take me.

I'm officially 31 years old. The very last day of the calendar. I remember when I was a kid, my Tita went through the same thought; I used to hear her say "Naku, lalampas nako sa kalendaryo" (I'm almost out of the calendar - referring to her age) and those times I just laugh at her. I used to see her worrying about not being able to marry before 40. Funny thing is, now I'm at the exact situation as where she was decades ago. The only difference we have is, she got married at 35, and I'm still single up to now.

I'm not going to sound bitter on this post, but yes, sometimes I think looking to try my luck at love again. Although I am not really looking, there are instances where you look at your friends and co-workers post photos with their boyfriends/girlfriends on Facebook (that's why I hate Facebook lol), and I get this feeling of sadness and of having someone call you and send you sweet messages that will make your day better. I've been 5th wheeling for 3 years now. When my brothers have their own relationships, I am there having my own relationship with movies, books and my laptop. And isn't so nice to have someone to cuddle you during the night? I miss that feeling.

Anyway, so I am failing in the love department. So what? What about life? Well - I'm almost there. A lot is going on in my plate right now. I want to eat them all, but I can't eat them at the same time, if you get what I mean. But yes, I am getting in there. Lately I resumed my Danish lessons, though I am looking to get help from a native speaker if given the chance. Work is doing good lately; with the never ending encouragement from my boss I made it to the one I called "The Grand Line". I am looking forward to staying in the company longer, enhance my communication skills further and use it to my advantage in the future. I've been reading a lot of books lately. See, at least in life, it's not bad, eh?

One thing that I miss is traveling and meeting old friends. Remember when I posted about meeting old friends last year? I want to do it more often. I want to travel somewhere else alone. Meet old pals for a cup of coffee and catch up. Sounds cool, right?

This year, my goal would be catching up with old friends, and at least go on a solo travel in the country. I also need to learn more Danish (and learning another language maybe?) and of course, if ever, meet my special someone? We'll see, we'll see.