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Traveling Solo

I'm finally booked for Malaysia next year! It was unexpected booking for a ticket last minute but of course, I am excited for this upcoming trip. So far I have all things ready (sort of), I am just making sure this will be plotted on my scheduled vacation leaves. Gotta work harder this time, as Holidays is coming closer, I have to earn money for this travel.

What Are Your Goals In Life?

This is the question my supervisor asked me during our one-on-one session. Having failed audits in one week, I can feel her frustration as we went through the almost 1 hour session. I know what she is rooting for me (as she had told me many times during previous conversations) but I felt like I had failed her. What's worst, is that I had failed myself too. I had great folks giving me support yet I did not meet their expectations. That's when I really started asking myself, "What is my goal in life? Am I really in the right direction to meet this goal?"