Traveling Solo

I'm finally booked for Malaysia next year! It was unexpected booking for a ticket last minute but of course, I am excited for this upcoming trip. So far I have all things ready (sort of), I am just making sure this will be plotted on my scheduled vacation leaves. Gotta work harder this time, as Holidays is coming closer, I have to earn money for this travel.

Speaking of travel, I have been looking to go to places I want solo. Not necessarily out of the country, but to visit some places by yourself is kind of awesome. You travel along in a bus, or a train, or a plane just staring at the moving things outside your window with music in your ears. Well I usually travel solo, when I visit home, but going to other places for the first time just by yourself, it does sound exciting.

But there are lots to consider when you do this. First off, for starters, it's all about finances- Money, money and money. Although there are lots of services online that offers budget-friendly packages and some blogs that gives tips on cheap traveling to some of the best places in the country, if you really don't want these schedule types of yours, then a more expensive budget should be prepared. For working people (like me), most factors to consider traveling is time. What I do (what are you probably doing as well) is that I schedule my vacation leaves in line with my rest days; a two-day leave, plus 2 days off would be minimal and okay. But for longer vacation time, maybe schedule a leave for the whole week?

That's what I did for my Malaysia trip- a four day leave including a day for prepping up things since I decided to go to work Monday. Hopefully by that time there are no cancelations and that I don't get sick or else.

In line with cheap traveling within the country, try reading and get some ideas from the folks at Pretty sure you'll be inspired. Enjoy.

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