Indeed, 2016 is 2NE1's Most Tragic Year.

6 months after the first tragedy, one day after the devastating news, I am writing again about the only girl group I have ever loved.

November 25th. I was about to get some sleep when I decided to visit Twitter and occasionally check/stalk some topics I'm interested with. When I saw this piece of tweet from a mutual, that made me hit the search bar. Then I saw it trending. Checked under major fansites and had it confirmed. 2NE1 officallydisbanded.


6 months ago, I received a tragic news about Minzy leaving the group, and YG promising a comeback as a trio. I was very sad but still kind of relieve about the continuing, although YG is very notorious of delaying comebacks and giving false promises. 

True to his word, YG never made any efforts of keeping his promise. No 2NE1 comeback, not even a single release. And now an announcement was posted and it really shook the K-Pop world. If you are a long time YG stan and a Blackjack, you'll know how troll Yang Hyun Suk is. 

As I am writing this post, I am sad about the announcement, but to be honest, I've come to accept the reality that 2NE1 is over. Hell, they're over since 2014 after their tour. It's a 70/30 in my case, hoping for a comeback with a big possibility of them going on indefinite hiatus. But I've been preparing myself for this day. With having just 2 studio albums during their 7-year career span and how their label is treating them, this was expected. It happens, not just with 2NE1. 

2NE1 ended their career with flying colors. Still one of the greatest K-Pop groups to have very successful digital sales, reached the Billboard charts and globally recognized by media and entertainment companies for their influence and contribution. Actually, it's not bad for a group with only 2 albums. It only proves their charisma is really strong and performance wise, they can really deliver. I've proven it myself when I got lucky to watch them in concert twice. But if only, if only YGE had invested in them more, my favorite girl group could be still active. They could have released another album and go on another tour. 

With Minzy already working on her solo album under Musicworks, CL and Sandara had signed solo contracts under YGE, while Bom hasn't re-signed. Whatever happens, my babies are now embarking on their solo activities. I wish them all the best.

But before I end this post, a few from me:

1. Honestly, I badly need at least a statement coming from the girls. When Minzy left, none of them spoke a word. I am really hoping that at least this time we could hear something from them.

2. If Bom didn't re-sign her contract, I hope she decides to go somewhere else. Somewhere where you will be given another opportunity to sing, as we know that singing is her life. Go to Musicworks, maybe?

3. I wonder how these 'Blackjacks' are feeling right now, after blaming Minzy for all these mess. We've been telling you even before, you're blaming the wrong person. It is obvious who caused all this mess but chose to be blind. Well...

4. Again, I blame YG for all this. He did not pay attention to the girls, locked up Bom in the cave when her issue came out instead of defending her from public hate, then throwing Minzy under the bus when she decided not to renew her contract. Minzy basically knew that nothing will happen if she stays with YG, yet he used her as the cause for the group's disbandment. I hope YG will not do the same thing he did with his current girl group.

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