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The 2017 Mid-Year Post

Hi all. It's already the middle of 2017 and this is the first post I'm going to write since my Malaysia trip. How's everything going? Well, there's quite a lot of things happened to me during the past months,both good and bad, but overall good. Actually, this year so far everything is working well, work-wise and personal. I may not be able to give specific details about them, but I'll highlight 2 events happened during the past months. Feel free to read them.

April-May: I applied for another position and got rejected. It all started when my boss gave me an idea that I should apply for a higher post at work. And me being the pessimist, kind of ignored it. After months of nagging, she talked me into it and I finally gave in. Around April, I started filling out the application form for Real-Time Analyst post. I said to myself, "Yeah I can apply, I have nothing to lose, I'll still keep my job and it'll be an additional experience for me." We were four…

When in Malaysia (3)

It took quite a while to post this third and final installment of my Malaysia trip. As usual, when I am busy I tend to ignore this blog so apologies for it.

Anyway, as for this super overdue post and as what I had mentioned before, getting around Malaysia is just like getting around here in the Philippines in terms of weather. Petaling Jaya though is quite different since it rains here like almost every afternoon. And it's not just an ordinary rain; it's pours as if there's a typhoon.

When in Malaysia (2)

Spending a few days in this country, I felt like I could live in this country. Cost of living is quite cheap, weather is very much like here in the Philippines. Almost everywhere you meet a fellow Filipino, or natives who happen to know and speak Tagalog. At one time, during our dinner with Audrice's boss, he gave us some information about living in Malaysia as an overseas worker.
According to him, the first six months are quite hard, because you are subjected to pay 23% tax. I believe it's a requirement for overseas workers and expats and is mandated by the Malaysian government. Once you've reached your 7th month, you can file for a tax return and tax deduction will be reduced to just 9%. And he also confirmed that yes, cost of living is cheap.
Anyway, during day two of our stay, brother and I walked around some parts of PJ, where we visited Digital Mall. If you are gadget-crazy and happens to be in Malaysia, you should visit this place. We spent a good 30 to 45 minutes …

When in Malaysia (1)

A very late New Year's greetings to all. 
As usual, I was not able to make any updates the last month's of December. Holiday activities, made my schedules really impossible to post. But here I am, and 2017 is probably a good start to post. First of, this year marks this blog's 10th anniversary. Would you believe it, guys! Ten years since I started posting crap! Happy that I am able to make it this long, after all attempts to change platforms, buying a decent domain, and even thinking of quitting. So yes, ten years it is. So what better way to start this year-long celebration that sharing my trip to Malaysia, several days ago?
This trip is actually not planned at all- well it's planned but not well-planned. Initially I tagged along this trip as a third wheel. Being single, my brother decided to bring me with him to visit his girlfriend who works in Petaling Jaya. I had to file a vacation leave around September and finalized the trip by purchasing tickets after. We also…