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When in Malaysia (1)

A very late New Year's greetings to all. 
As usual, I was not able to make any updates the last month's of December. Holiday activities, made my schedules really impossible to post. But here I am, and 2017 is probably a good start to post. First of, this year marks this blog's 10th anniversary. Would you believe it, guys! Ten years since I started posting crap! Happy that I am able to make it this long, after all attempts to change platforms, buying a decent domain, and even thinking of quitting. So yes, ten years it is. So what better way to start this year-long celebration that sharing my trip to Malaysia, several days ago?
This trip is actually not planned at all- well it's planned but not well-planned. Initially I tagged along this trip as a third wheel. Being single, my brother decided to bring me with him to visit his girlfriend who works in Petaling Jaya. I had to file a vacation leave around September and finalized the trip by purchasing tickets after. We also…