January 23, 2017


A very late New Year's greetings to all. 

As usual, I was not able to make any updates the last month's of December. Holiday activities, made my schedules really impossible to post. But here I am, and 2017 is probably a good start to post. First of, this year marks this blog's 10th anniversary. Would you believe it, guys! Ten years since I started posting crap! Happy that I am able to make it this long, after all attempts to change platforms, buying a decent domain, and even thinking of quitting. So yes, ten years it is. So what better way to start this year-long celebration that sharing my trip to Malaysia, several days ago?

This trip was actually not planned at all- well it's planned but not well-planned. Initially I tagged along this trip as a third wheel. Being single, my brother decided to bring me with him to visit his girlfriend who works in Petaling Jaya. I had to file a vacation leave around September and finalized the trip by purchasing tickets after. We also planned to visit Singapore too but due to time constraints and budget, we decided to visit places, not just Kuala Lumpur but nearby tourist sites as well. I'll tell more about it in my upcoming posts; for now let's start by getting to know the country. 

The earliest recollection I had with Malaysia is when one of my Auntie stayed there for work in Penang. Then around high school, I got to watch Disney Buzz and got to know one of its hosts, the lovely Azura Zainal. She is one of my favorite humans in this world- beautiful and bubbly. I was very happy when I learned that we'll be staying in Petaling Jaya, since this is Azura's hometown. Anyway..

So plane ride took almost 4 hours. Flight should be around 6AM but due to some delays the plane took off almost 7AM. Around almost 11AM we arrived in KLIA 2 and decided to get a quick bite and book an Uber going to PJ. Audrice, my bro's girlfriend was able to use her Uber app, but the driver wasn't able to call her since her account was registered under her Philippine cellphone number. But nevertheless we were able to successfully book one. The ride from KLIA 2 to PJ took around 45 minutes. Surprisingly, there's no traffic since the airport is located in Sepang District which is outside the Kuala Lumpur city proper- it's like from Manila to Marquee Mall in Pampanga, where you have to drive via NLEX. In Malaysia, you have to drive via Maju Expressway (MEX) to get to KLIA 2. During the ride, our Uber driver was very friendly and gave us some tips and information about PJ. He also shared to us that he's from Perth, Australia and worked as a hairdresser. He's also planning to stay in New Zealand by next month. The total fare for the ride is around 60 to 70RM which is at 600 to 700PHP when converted. 

After dumping our bags in Audrice's apartment, we took off our shoes, put on slippers and walked to Section 14 and visited Jaya Shopping Centre and bought groceries and food. She also introduced us to Texas Chicken, a fast food that serves chicken (of course), much like KFC but without rice. Their Classic Chicken Burger is so good but what made me really happy is their unlimited drinks, I refilled my glass 3 times lol. Fast food  shops here in Manila should offer this. Anyway, so after eating and shopping, we decided to head home and cook dinner, called it a day. 

This is just an introduction. Part two of this trip will be posted in a couple of days, or maybe over the weekend.