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When in Malaysia (2)

Spending a few days in this country, I felt like I could live in this country. Cost of living is quite cheap, weather is very much like here in the Philippines. Almost everywhere you meet a fellow Filipino, or natives who happen to know and speak Tagalog. At one time, during our dinner with Audrice's boss, he gave us some information about living in Malaysia as an overseas worker.
According to him, the first six months are quite hard, because you are subjected to pay 23% tax. I believe it's a requirement for overseas workers and expats and is mandated by the Malaysian government. Once you've reached your 7th month, you can file for a tax return and tax deduction will be reduced to just 9%. And he also confirmed that yes, cost of living is cheap.
Anyway, during day two of our stay, brother and I walked around some parts of PJ, where we visited Digital Mall. If you are gadget-crazy and happens to be in Malaysia, you should visit this place. We spent a good 30 to 45 minutes …