May 5, 2017


It took quite a while to post this third and final installment of my Malaysia trip. As usual, when I am busy I tend to ignore this blog so apologies for it.

Anyway, as for this super overdue post and as what I had mentioned before, getting around Malaysia is just like getting around here in the Philippines in terms of weather. Petaling Jaya though is quite different since it rains here like almost every afternoon. And it's not just an ordinary rain; it's pours as if there's a typhoon.

But overall, it's a quaint suburb and I like it actually. I actually don't have any significant stories to tell you, but during the last 2 days I was able to visit Putrajaya, and it was fantastic. Looking at some of Malaysia's historic structures was awesome, and in Putrjaya, I felt the old and modern world jiving in together. Although there were lots of tourists at the time we visited, it was solemn and it all felt good.

In Putrajaya, although packed with tourists, I was able to see and appreciate the beauty of the Putra Mosque (above) and the Prime Minister's Palace.

And of course, my Malaysia trip won't be complete without taking a look at the gloriousness that is the Petronas Twin Towers! It was almost 6PM when we arrived at KLCC. The place was packed with tourists; this is the busiest part of Kuala Lumpur I had seen. We were able to get through the front part of the tower and took some nice photos. We stayed there for more than 30 minutes, just sitting and looking at this structure before we decided to call it a day. I had to head home to pack my stuff, while my brother and Audrice decided to stay to have some quality time together before heading home.

My mandatory half-faced selfie with these lovebirds.

I'd like to share though some of the things I have observed while in this beautiful country:

- I love the Philippines so much but let's be real, traffic in the metro is like a hell hole. And using public transportations is like risking your life rather than feel safe. In Malaysia, public buses have organized terminals, modern buses in operation and yeah, no overloading. The seats are nice and comfortable and there's a standard payment method used - the myRapid card, which can also be used when riding the MRT.

- At one point before going to Batu Caves, we had breakfast at McDonald's KL Central station, I noticed that some of the crew are elderly women, cleaning the tables ad floors. It was quite weird for me since here in the country, fastfood workers are all young men and women (except maybe for some store managers).

- Cultural/racial diversity in Malaysia is very rich. You might see this statement on all blogs and articles about Malaysia, but yes it is very rich and fascinating. When you walk through the streets of Kuala Lumpur, one street could be filled with Chinese establishments and restaurants. Then turn left to the next street and you'll see pure Indian stores and food shops. It's like you're traveling to another country in just one area/section. The culture is mixed which is one of the reasons why Malaysia is a very interesting country to visit.

This is it for my 3-part post. I hope that the next time you think of visiting a Southeast Asian destination, you consider Malaysia to be the first on your list.