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The 2017 Mid-Year Post

Hi all. It's already the middle of 2017 and this is the first post I'm going to write since my Malaysia trip. How's everything going? Well, there's quite a lot of things happened to me during the past months,both good and bad, but overall good. Actually, this year so far everything is working well, work-wise and personal. I may not be able to give specific details about them, but I'll highlight 2 events happened during the past months. Feel free to read them.

April-May: I applied for another position and got rejected. It all started when my boss gave me an idea that I should apply for a higher post at work. And me being the pessimist, kind of ignored it. After months of nagging, she talked me into it and I finally gave in. Around April, I started filling out the application form for Real-Time Analyst post. I said to myself, "Yeah I can apply, I have nothing to lose, I'll still keep my job and it'll be an additional experience for me." We were four…