July 20, 2017


Hi all. It's already the middle of 2017 and this is the first post I'm going to write since my Malaysia trip. How's everything going? Well, there's quite a lot of things happened to me during the past months,both good and bad, but overall good. Actually, this year so far everything is working well, work-wise and personal. I may not be able to give specific details about them, but I'll highlight 2 events happened during the past months. Feel free to read them.

April-May: I applied for another position and got rejected.
It all started when my boss gave me an idea that I should apply for a higher post at work. And me being the pessimist, kind of ignored it. After months of nagging, she talked me into it and I finally gave in. Around April, I started filling out the application form for Real-Time Analyst post. I said to myself, "Yeah I can apply, I have nothing to lose, I'll still keep my job and it'll be an additional experience for me." We were four in our time who applied, all passed the initial examination. That was okay, I thought.

Than came the Manager's interview, and out of four, only two of us made it to the finals. I was lucky enough to ace the Manager's questions, I never expected that I would make it through the final cut. Then the final came, Director's interview,and my colleague was able to grab the post.

Oh well, although there was slight regret, I am still happy I made it that far. I took it as a challenge and a plus points for myself and realized that I can do it. In the future, if there's another post opening, I'll try again and make sure that I'll snag it this time. Just last week, I was transferred to another department, the department that I really want and so far I'm happy with this decision.

June: I attended my second Pride Parade.


As what I had captioned on the album above, my country is one of the most gay-friendly nations in the world, but in reality, no legal or supporting laws are being implemented to protect citizens belonging to this sector. As a member of the LGBT community and as a tax-paying citizen of this country, it is my right to be protected from discrimination and violence. Tolerance is not good enough.

Anyway, it was fun attending this event this time, with my good colleagues and some of our company bosses. I am happy and proud that I work for a company that advances diversity in our workplace. Hopefully by next year, I can join again and meet more people that share the same advocacy. These events are good opportunities to create safe spaces for LGBT people, especially to the ones who just came out of the closet. I remember when I first came out, and I am lucky because I didn't experience discrimination towards my family and friends.

This July moving forward, I'm looking for more experiences coming my way. Maybe who knows, there will be positive news in the coming weeks? Career-wise, yes, maybe. Love life? Hmmm, maybe not. The girl I really love happens to be so in love with someone and though it hurts (a lot actually), it's fine. Maybe by the end of the year, I'll find my special someone, who knows, right?