Hello. Her name is Rara. It was in 2005 when she started to blog. Although she's been writing short stories and other stuff since fourth grade. So, yeah.

Her first months in blogging was a complete mess- she remembers posting almost anything on her first blog, things that are not relevant, things people won't bother to read. She had 2 blogs before finally creating this one. Rara had met some famous bloggers online and offline, back when blogging is dope famous and microblogging was just a myth. Well, blogs are still in today, but with the rise of Twitter, Tumblr, it's obvious that its popularity had declined. Now to be honest, she has no idea what happened to those famous bloggers she knew back then.One of them passed away (RIP), the others, just went offline (sort of). Rara tried to visit their blogs but either it's giving her an Error 404 message, or the page asks her to purchase the domain.

Now here's a little introduction of our author- She's a single gay girl in her 30's, living and working in Manila. She loves movies, especially those with subtitles, especially Danish films, and she also takes time to listen to K-Pop music. She also likes taking photos.

This page contains random stuff, but she's no professional blogger. Though she's been in the blogosphere for almost a decade, she is not as pro as the other famous bloggers today. Yes, she had generated some earnings from this blog before, but she's more of making this a personal space for her. She may not post regularly, but feel free to scour her posts from 2007 and read boring crap she penned. But please don't hate her after.

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